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WOW! I've just cried my eyes out. James was speechless. He is now just repeating "that was amazing", "that was incredible", "can you believe they did such a good job?".. You have done our wedding justice AND SOME. I love your choice of music and how you added my aisle song in. The timing with speeches linked together and certain footage was floorless. Everything we wanted captured has been. Our wedding is reflected as one of happiness, love and fun. We are forever thankful that your names came.

You have exceeded all of our expectations. James is honestly blown away. I'm pretty easy to impress in regards to this because I was the one who found you, locked you in, knew how epic your abilities were etc. But to win James over is a big deal. He spoke so highly of you, your presence on the day and how professional you were but now to see how TALENTED you are he is gobsmacked.

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